Alison Sussman

Alison Sussman, founder and director of FOTR, received her degree in Theatre Arts from Drew University. She then spent a year in graduate school studying Theatrical Design at the University of Connecticut. While working on plays in both the MFA theatre program and professional theatre, she realized that it was in fact art for the sake of education, not art for art’s sake, which she loved.

Throughout her own childhood, theatre classes and camps helped her to discover herself, develop her own voice, build confidence, and create lasting friendships. While in college, Mrs. Sussman’s favorite theatre experiences had been working with and directing students at a local middle school where she first witnessed the transformative power of theatre as a teacher.

After leaving school, she worked at George Street Playhouse (GSP) as the Associate Director of Education and Outreach where, among her many other duties, she coordinated (and often taught) the theatre classes and summer camps. She has been teaching theatre in New Jersey public schools since she left GSP in 2001.

Over the years, she has created numerous theatre workshop and festival opportunities for students both from Robbinsville and, more recently, throughout the state as a Board Member of New Jersey Thespian Society. Mrs. Sussman was Robbinsville School District Teacher of the Year in 2008 and the Mercer County Teacher of the Year in 2009.

Fellowship of the Ravens Inc is a non-profit theatre troupe from Robbinsville, NJ, educating high school students in theatre production and performance. These extraordinarily talented teenagers strive to bring the benefits of theatre to their own lives and those of their community.