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About Hamlettes

Hamlettes by Patrick Shaw

Middle school Shakespeare enthusiasts Alexandra and Chloe decide to start a theater club, and Hamlet will be their first project. Bossy Alexandra will play Hamlet (obviously), which leaves aspiring actress Chloe with every other character. Not interested in playing Hamlet’s spurned love interest, Chloe enlists an innocent classmate, conveniently named Ophelia, to play her namesake. Deciding to never break character as an “exercise,” the girls’ vague romances and less vague resentments cause their adolescent drama to spiral dangerously out of control. This relatable play is equal parts hilarious satire and heartbreaking drama about the traumas of preadolescent emotional chaos.

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

We will be performing Hamlettes this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 14-17. Traveling to Scotland this August? For tickets from the venue, visit

We will also be performing Hamlettes in New Jersey in late July or early August. Dates TBA.

Where To Begin Photographs

These photographs were taken during a production of Where To Begin. Want to see more? Use this backstage pass to see some behind-the-scenes photos as the cast and crew prepare. Or come to a performance!

Photography by Harlan Landes.

Backstage at Where To Begin

Watch the cast and crew of Where To Begin prepare backstage for a performance of the show in Robbinsville, New Jersey. View production photographs here, or come see the show!

Photography by Harlan Landes.

Kickstarter Video

With the launch of the Kickstarter fundraising campaign for Where to Begin, the directors, playwright, designer, and actors discuss the impact the play’s performance will have on audiences worldwide in this short video. Subscribe to the blog for future updates from the cast and crew.

Consider contributing to Fellowship of the Ravens, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts education organization, to enable the group to produce this play about teen mental health issues and to present performances worldwide.

Visit Where to Begin on Kickstarter.