The cool kids write the blog


Hey y’all, it is time for a good blog post for once. You have Tay Tay and Jake Jake writing for you tonight, under Jimmy’s name. We did some stuff today. Some buddies went to go see Shakespeare for breakfast, including Taylor. He describes it as “cleverly funny,” and “two thugs up, way up, dawg.” Jacob elected to go see Into the Heights with some comrades, some of whom described it as “delightful,” and “a musical.”

After these wonderful shows, the super cool kids, a.k.a. all of the kids in this shindig, went to go do some improv. The crowd was small, butt the laughs were huge. Taylor got some Pokemon cards. Then we all went to go hand out cards to citizens.

From there, we all headed down for some lunch at the dorms, and headed out for our last performance. It was flawless. WE then headed for some ice cream, and when back to the theater from whence we came to go see Property Rights, a delightful and spooky show. We headed back to the dorms and broke down the set and props. We had Papa Johns, and everyone is now going to sleep.

Peace, dawg.

Taylor and Jacob

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