London Has Past!


Hello all! It’s been quite a whirlwind for all of us Fellowship Members, and we’ve had a wonderful last (sniff sniff) last day in London.

For me, the day started early with a trip to a very British coffee shop that only cool Londoners know about called Starbucks. Our hotel is very conveniently located only a block away from the River Thames and the Millennium Bridge, which you can walk across to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Shakespeare’s Globe is right on the Thames, too! All of us got to go on a wonderful tour and workshop led by Fergal, an actor at the theatre. We learned so much from him and really enjoyed getting to hear about his Fergal-icious life and the rich history of the venue where he performs.

For the rest of the day, we got to split up and explore London! It was an absolute thrill for us to have free reign of the city (and probably an absolute nightmare for our chaperones!) A bunch of us went to the Tower of London and were absolutely awestruck to see the display of thousands of ceramic poppies, in memory of WWI soldiers. The sight was simply breathtaking and not something any of us will soon forget.

At this point, Mary and I broke off from the group to go on a tour of the Tower of London. Being huge history nerds, we absolutely fangirled over all of the interesting stories and fascinating old buildings. Definitely worth the (slightly expensive) price of admission! Afterwards, we took the tube (slang for the London subway) to Buckingham Palace and I located my favorite bakery from my last UK trip three years ago; where we got Cornish pasties.

A trip to the loo and another tube ride brought Mary and I to Piccadilly Circus. After one very delicious traditional British snack, we were eager for more. This brought us to a little known, underground London relic: the Rainforest CafĂ©. This went really well, and we rejoined the group to see The 39 Steps on the West End (British equivalent of Broadway). As someone who loves theatre more than she loves chocolate, I thoroughly enjoyed the show from our front-row seats, and I’m sure everyone else would agree.

Well, that’s about it for London. Tomorrow, we move on out to Edinburgh and I turn seventeen! Check back soon for more updates.

-Kennedy (Birthday Girl)